Scientific Research to FAST from Class SRA of Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities

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In order to cultivate cognition and interest of scientific research and broaden the knowing of Qiannan Buyi-miao Autonomous Prefecture, students from SRA class made a visit to FAST situated at Pingtang County in Guizhou Province under the strong support of the university and the guidance of Professor Zhu Huimin, Doctor Chen Jianying on 12th March , 2017. The purposes for this scientific research are the promotion of the national spirit, the dissemination of the scientific knowledge, communication of the scientific thoughts, methods and acceleration of students’ scientific quality by making full use of science and technology resources in Qiannan.

On the way to the destination, students discussed actively the knowledge of FAST involved the relevantly geographical environment, which not only built up the relationship between teachers and students, but also expanded students’ knowledge. Engineer Yang Qingliang, who was also from this university and has been working at FAST for several years, gave students the cordial reception after their arrived at FAST, and had a patient communication with these students with the desire to work on this field in the coming days. Moreover, PHD supervisor Sun Caihong presented a thorough illustration of the engineering structure and scientific significance for this project at the hall. Students got a further knowledge of the contribution of this advanced technology brought by FAST. Meanwhile, students also obtained information that this project promotes the development of regional economy for Guizhou province through FAST. Students took initiative to acquire knowledge by the ways, such as making notes, discussion with experts, employing various study tools when they did field research at FAST.

Students from SRA class not only broadened their horizon, but also enhanced their interest in scientific research. Meanwhile, they also felt profoundly the booming development of Qiannan Buyi-miao Autonomous Prefecture and Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities by experience on this scientific activity practically. This scientific research has obtained the desired goal smoothly and has achieved sound results. Finally, there was a deeper understanding of scientific research and they benefited tremendously from this journey.

                           The Moment when we stood in front of the scientific door

Extending Classroom in FAST meeting room

Mentor Zhu Huimin tour FAST

                             Listening to engineer and expert Sun Caihong’s explanation

Shi Mei’s Questions for Dr. Sun Caihong

The Welcome Speech

                                  Discussion make us understand better

Engineer Yang Qingliang’s guiding

SRA Class in front of the big dish