Dr. Juan F. Arratia, President of Ana G. Mendez University

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Dr. JuanF.Arratia, President of Ana G. Mendez University

System, USA Visited SRA Class of QNUN

Source: International Center of Exchange and Cooperation

Author: Zhu HuiminTranslation: Zhu HuiminTime: May 24, 2018

On May 21st, Dr. Juan, President of Ana G. Mendez University System, USA , who flew from Puerto Rico to Qiannan, Guizhou, met with the students of the SRA Research Class who had been waiting there for a long time. The students warmly applauded the arrival of Dr. Juan. Dr. Juan graciously asked each student's research situation, patiently guided their research direction and inspired their research interests. On the next day, under the leadership of Dr. Juan and professor Zhu Huimin from Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities, 22 SRA students visited the FAST site in Pingtang County, Guizhou. At the FAST site, the students met with their respected teacher-Bo Peng. Dr. Zhu Ming explained the current situation of FAST to the students. At the same time, in the course of the lecture, the students were pointed out the future research direction and development space.

On the 23rd, Dr. Juan paid no attention to the hardships of summarizing the SRA research posters of the previous night, and he came to host the 2017 SRA symposium. Eight students of 2017 SRA Research Class had made key note research reports. He carefully listened to the PPT research reports made by the students, and detailedly asked each student's difficulties in the current research. After class, Dr. Juan was accompanied by the teachers and students and visited the poster exhibitions of SRA research posters.

Although Dr. Juan is the president of Ana G. Mendez University System, USA, he is concerned about supporting the development of scientific research in our universities, and he strives to promote the exchanges and cooperation between Ana G. Mendez University System and the students of QNUN. He also carried out exchanges on how to make good use of the FAST radio telescope, a world brand, to carry out academic research and teaching cooperation with international universities and colleges, and to enable universities and colleges intheethnic areas to go global. He said: A future-oriented university should continuously improve its scientific research capabilities and academic standards.

When communicating with the students,Dr.Juan said that the SRAClass is innovative in form and conforms to the modern college student teaching model.With the typical deeds of2013 SRA international cooperation in publishing thesis, he encouraged SRA students to overcome difficulties in scientific research and achieve more good results. He also encouraged students presenting in the symposiumto closely focus on economic and social development inQiannan Prefecture and do more research on appliedresearch to lay a solid foundation for better service to society after graduation.

Dr. Juan is Mentoring SRA Research Reports

Professor Zhu Huimin is Mentoring SRA Research Reports

Dr. Juan Arratia with SRA Students and Faculties

8 SRA 2017 Research Report Presenters

Walking to FAST Site

Dreamers Walking on the Way

Smiling in Front of the Statue of FAST

Our FAST- the Sky Eye

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